Mens Sana In Corpore Sano (A sound mind in a sound body) At Shea Essence, we believe that a sound mind begins with a sound body. We offer only the best and purest skin and body care products free of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fillers and pesticides - in an environment that promotes relaxation and relief from stress.
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The Ultimate Convergence of Wellness and Beauty
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Looking good is not optional! Shea Delight  2.5hr $120 50 min Swedish Massage, Spa Pedicure , Classic Manicure–  (Double Delight - $220)   Spa Ritual 3hr $150 Shea Express Facial, 50 min Swedish Massage; Spa Mani and Pedi Gentleman’s Escape 3hr $150 We know what real men like. They like to take care of themselves too. This package targets the specific needs of men, like razor burn and ingrown hairs - with the exceptional pampering, of course! Gentleman’s Facial, 50 min SwedishMassage, Spa Pedicure Room for Two 3hr $350 Sauna for 2, Shea Express Facial, 50 mins Swedish Couples massage, Spa Mani $ Pedi Shea Experience 3.5hr $175 60 min Shea Signature Cleanse, 50 min Swedish Massage, Classic Manicure & Spa Pedicure Shea Indulgence 3hr $175 Brown Sugar Body Scrub, 45 min Swedish Massage, Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure Shea Signature Decadence 4hr $200 60 min Shea Signature Cleanse, 50 min Swedish Massage, Signature Manicure & Pedicure Pea In The Pod 2hr 45 min $150 Designed for Moms-To-Be, 4 to 8 months into pregnancy Shea Express Facial, 45 minute Swedish massage with pure Shea Butter Stretch Mark formula, Classic Mani & Pedi ************************************************************* A La Carte Menu (Add on services) 30 min Shea Express Cleanse: $30 30 min Shea Express Massage: $35 60 min Relaxing Massage: $60 60 min Signature Cleanse: $65 Chair Massage: $10 for 5min and $5 for 5min increments Far-Infrared Session: $20 Spa Lunch: $15 Spa Manicure: $20 Spa Pedicure: $30 Complimentary drinks and snacks with all packages * An18% gratuity will be included for parties of three or more.
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